ViXL-3D : Worksheet Examples

Included with the ViXL3D.XLL add-in file is an Excel workbook containing examples of various ViXL-3D functions. There are 15 example sheets that focus on different applications for ViXL-3D; most include Viewer functions, as well as interpolation and related functions. Not all functions are represented, but the workbook should provide the user with a good understanding of how to apply the add-in within their own worksheets and for their own applications.


In this section:


XYZ to 3D Mesh

Random XYZ to 3D Mesh

Satellite Altimetry

IT8.7-4 ICC Profile Chart

3D Interpolation of Non-Uniform Data

3D Color Lookup Table


Gray Balance

Fractal Tree

Foot Bones


Sample Formula 1

Sample Formula 2

Sample Formula 3

Sample Formula 4




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